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Cien alumnos de cuarto año de las sedes de Almagro y Belgrano estuvieron dos semanas en Londres con el objetivo de fortalecer el crecimiento de la lengua inglesa en diferentes contextos interactuando con alumnos de otros países. El viaje se realizó bajo la coordinación del Departamento de Inglés. [+]

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Camden Lock Market, by the canal, was the original craft market, established in 1974, but now has a much wider spectrum of goods on sale. Both this and the ever popular Camden Stables Market - centre of the alternative fashion scene, Camden (Buck Street) Market, the recently improved Camden Lock Villageand Inverness Street Market - which thrived on local trade long before tourists discovered Camden, are all open every day, making the area well worth a mid-week visit. But it is at the weekend that the market scene jumps fully into life with all stalls and shops at the markets fully trading. The indoor fashion market at the Electric Ballroom opens on Sunday only. [+]

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