Let's see how much you know about London!

1) What's London's most famous department store?

The Barbican Centre
2) What street has a long tradition as the home of printing?

Sloane Street
Oxford Street
Fleet Street
3) What are the famous guards of The Tower of London called?

The Guards
4) What commemorates Napoleon's defeat at sea in 1805?

Oliver's Column
Duke of York's Column
Nelson's Column
5) What line runs through Greenwich?

Nine Elms Lane
The Prime Meridian
Long Lane
6) Where's the home of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

Downing Street 10 and 11
Regent Street10 and 11
Browning Street 10 and 11
7) What made Carnaby Street famous?

8) What did Madame Tussaud start in 1835?

a famous bakery
famous waxworks
a famous needle-point
9) Who wrote famous books in 48 Doughty Street?

R. L. Stine
Charles Dickens
Agatha Christie
10) St. Paul's Cathedral is the

second biggest
third biggest
dome in the world.

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