Using television to prepare for a Cambridge English Exam. By Mateo S. 4to Design B.

Using television to prepare for  a Cambridge English Exam


The Television is a very powerful tool for learning. A world wide source of information that with all the new technologies that sustain it, becomes essential for society.

The human eye is capable of visually perceiving an image; the sensory receptors receive that information which becomes nerve signals. Those signals are controlled by the prefrontal lobes. That specific place of the brain is where the language, the memory and the attention are stored. This is the main reason why in the audiovisual media is far more likely that the information will be processed better.  I think watching television programs not only makes you speak more fluently but also it upgrades your creativity to another level, allowing yourself to stand out in the writing exam. Television allows us to observe gestures, spoken language and photographic or digital scenarios, using language closer to its true social reality. Because of hearing all the time the English language some words get stored in your mind, therefore,  improving your vocabulary.

Television is one of the most important media in the world so I think it’s important to make the most of it. Thanks

Written by Mateo Suffern.

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