WANTED: Christian Bale for a movie about a psychopath. Ian K. 5to TIC A

If you're into thrillers, black comedies, or you have a sick sense of humour, then American Psycho is your movie for the evening. There are two things that makes this flick so memorable, and this are welsh actor Christian Bale's performance, and his character, a psychopath by the name of Patrick Bateman.

About the plot, it's about Patrick Bateman, an apparently kind, intelligent and polite man who works in Wall Street, he is just a yuppie drug addict psychopath who enjoys killing prostitutes, friends  and co-workers, and throughout the movie we see him get progressibly worse.

The man who plays Bateman is none other than Christian Bale, who also plays Bruce Wayne, aka, Batman, and such characters as a U.S. soldier deployed in Vietnam.

The movie is an adapation of Bret Easton Ellis's novel of the same name.

I recommend watching it RIGHT NOW!

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