Marco Mussa

This is one of my favourite books that i read and i recommend it because its a very nice story and it has manny teachings. The story its about a boy called Tom. His family was very poor and he lived with his father, his 3 sister and his mother. The father was called John Canty and he did not work. Every day, Tom went to the streets of London, to ask for money. If he dud not bring money, John hit Tom. He always dreamed to be a prince, but everyone said him that it was impossible. Every day, Tom went to the castle of the prine Edward. One day, he was sitting next to the castle when a guard hitted him, but the prince Edward saw it all and invited Tom to come in. When they were in the castle, they decides to change clothes to see how they looked. They realised that they were very similar. Now, Tom was the prince and Edward was Tom. After a lot of conflicts, The king died and now Edward was the king, but he was not there. Tom convirted into the king. Edward went to the castle to see Tom, Edward convirted into the King and Tom lived in the castle because they were best friends. 

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