Sustained Silent Reading

Sustained Silent Reading.

Modificado: 20/03/2014

A tour of San Isidro

1st year students visited these interesting places in June. Enjoy the presentations they prepared.

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The ORT Herald

Click in the (+) to read the online newspaper that students have created

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Students of 6to Medios together with their teacher, Cynthia Mauas, read the book ¨Sense and Sensibility¨, and they watched the movie. After analyzing the story, they made a summary and thought about the pictures which were necessary for them to take in order to describe the story to make a Photo Project.

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Student's online newspaper

First year's journalists from group DEF Teens 5

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The news on-line

Students from first and second year are working with digital newspapers in not only reading comprehension but collaborative tasks such as debate, data analysis and location in virtual maps. Read about the project in ORT Daily!

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