Binder Year 5 - February - March 2021

Hello everybody! How are you? Here you will find all the activities that you should have in your 📒binders. Please 👀check that you have everything in the ✔️correct place. [+]

Virtual Class - April 6th

Good morning everyone! 💡📝Let's be creative! [+]

Welcome Year 5 students!

Let's enjoy this year together! [+]

Big question: How do we get to know each other?

During our first project we explored how to get to know different people. Here is a mind map with all your ideas!💡🧠 Also, you will find different and useful ways of saying hello and goodbye!


Game: What if...?

Hello children! Can you put the sentences in the correct order? Drag the words to rearrange the sentences. Good luck!


What If...? By Anthony Browne

Hello children! 📚This is the story we read together. 📌Read it again and try to understand the words. If you have any ❓questions, ✏️write them down and ask them at school. 👍 [+]

Personal questions

Dear students, Here you will find the two 🎲games we played together.


🎲It's game time! Jeopardy!

On our 3rd Virtual Experience, we played Jeopardy! Click on the picture to download it and play it again at home!


Button Soup - word search

Hello, children! Hope you are fine. Can you solve this word search? You need to find some keywords from the story!


Button Soup by Doris Orgel

Here you have the story in case you want to read it again. [+]