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Virtual Experience - April 6th - Unit 1: My Time

Dear students, Here you will find the activities for today's virtual experience. Good luck! [+]

Binder Year 6 - February - March 2021

Hello everybody! How are you? Here you will find all the activities that you should have in your 📒binders. Please 👀check that you have everything in the ✔️correct place. [+]

Virtual experience n°3

Today we played Kahoot about the story The Big Orange Splot. 🏆And the winners were... 🥇Lucy 🥈Mica 🥉Nacho. Congratulations!!👏🏻 [+]

Year 6-A's Identity

Last week, we talked about the characteristics of the group. Here you have it all together! [+]

What are you into?

We have been sharing our favourite activities and hobbies. Now it's time to interview a different person! Follow the instructions and hand in your work. [+]

Virtual Experience - What makes you happy?

Today we read an 📰article on what makes Aussie kids 😃happy. Here you can re-read it and keep on thinking about the discussion questions. [+]

🎬Short Film: Paperman

Hello Year 6 students! Please watch the following short film for our next Virtual Experience. [+]

Last Stop on Market Street By Matt de la Peña

Hello children! 📚This is the story we read together. 📌Watch the video and try to understand the words. If you have any ❓questions, ✏️write them down and ask them at school. [+]

The Big Orange Splot - crosswords

Hello children! How are you? Here you will find some definitions or missing words to complete the crosswords. Let's see if you can solve it!


Retelling of The Big Orange Splot

Use this guide to retell the story. [+]

The Big Orange Splot

Just in case you want to read the story again...



Present simple - games

Here you will find some games to put what we have learnt into practice! [+]

Unit 1 - grammar - present simple and adverbs of frequency

Hello children! Here you will find the presentation on present simple that we shared at school. Hope it's useful! [+]

GE Unit 1 - My time - grammar video

Watch this video. There are 6 children talking about their free time activities. [+]

Reading and Writing - Grammar - There is / there are + some/any

Hello children! Here you will find information on when to use there is / there are / some / any.


Speaking - Wh-words

Dear students, Here you will find a 🎲game to revise wh-words.


Listening - Songs: We are All in this Together & This is Me.

We've shared these songs and discussed their messages in search of what makes each form come together and be unique. Here they are in case you want to listen to them again and sing! 🎵 [+]