Immersion Camp • You can do magic! 🪄🧙

Are you ready to have lots of fun? [+]

A Whale's Tale

What's amazing under the sea? [+]

Not Now Bernard

Our Reading Time! [+]

Do you enjoy singing and listening to music? Learning while singing is fun! 🎵🎼

Why is singing and listening to music in English important? Let's share our answers at school! Now, get ready, read the lyrics and sing the song! [+]

The Gruffalo

Our Reading Time! [+]

What makes a hero? 🌟💙

What are you good at? What aren't you good at? [+]

What, where or when?

Questions, questions, there are many questions 🎼🎵🎶❔❓ [+]

What's fun about music?

~ • Music is the art of thinking with sounds. • ~ [+]

Online practice! 💻📕

What are our routines? We do lots of hobbies! [+]