Welcome back to school!

Dear 5th B,

Welcome to 5th! I'm extremely happy to be with you, again! I hope you're enjoying these days at school. The first days, we talked about activities we did last holidays and played charades. We also did an acrostic with the phrase COME BACK TO SCHOOL writing our own ideas. We shared our experiences and did some revision of previous years, too. For example, routines, free time activities and sports. We watched a video about a girl called Anna. She is a youtuber. Do you remember? She told us about her routine before going to school. We discussed about yoububers and videos. To do so, we asked and answered questions to our friends. We learnt a lot of new words connected with YouTube vocabulary. Finally, we did a crossword about activities we do everyday at Ort school. Let's keep it up!

Fecha: 17/3/2020 | Creado por: Mariana Ines
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