Hello everybody! How are you doing? Let´s keep on working! yes

Today you will need your pencil case and your binder.

1) First of all let’s check the activity we did yesterday! What was it about? Do you remember? Bring your binder, so that you can correct the exercises! These are the answers:


  1.  Oceans 2 / The Arctic 3 / Rivers 4 / Forests 1

  2. b- Paper / c- Rubbish / d- Eat / e- Warmer / f- Land / g- Factories / h- Water

2) Now, what was the name of the museum we visited yesterday? Do you remember the vocabulary we learnt? Ok, let's revise a little bit that. If you forgot the story, here is the link to the video

3) Open your binders or take a sheet of paper and copy the following activities. Tomorrow we will correct them! Are you ready? 



March 26th

Planet Earth - going eco friendly!

1) Read the sentences, Watch the video again and write the missing words. .



2) We are going to reflect on the things we can do to help protect the environment. Match the verbs on the left to the phrases on the right.  

  • Create a vegetable...                                                                                ...water
  • Ride your...                                                                                               ...plastic bags
  • Don't waste...                                                                                             ...litter
  • Plant...                                                                                                       ...lights off
  • Reuse...                                                                                                     ...garden
  • Turn the...                                                                                                 ...paper, glass, plastic, etc.
  • Don't drop...                                                                                              ...bike more
  • Recycle...                                                                                                  ...a tree


3) . Are you an eco-friendly person? Copy the following exercise in your binders 

 Look at activity 2 and answer these questions: 

  1. Which action(s) do you do in order to be an eco friendly person? 
  2. Is it important to be an eco friendly person? Why?

  3. Can you think of more activities or actions that make you an eco friendly person? Make a list of the activities including the ones in the matching activity.

You can go on thinking about these actions and ask the members of your family to help you!

Well done! You did it! See you tomorrow.wink

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