Actions we can take to help the ecosystem

Hello Children!!! We hope you are fine! Are you ready for the weekend? Ok but first let's work together a bit more! so that you can enjoy your weekend.

Today you will need your folder and your pencil case.


  1. First get your binder and correct the activities that you did yesterday.

KEY - Fill in the blanks

B. Trees

C. Oceans

D. Sun

E. Arctic

F. Ice

G. Rain

H. Plants

KEY - Think and match

Create a vegetable garden

Ride your bike more

Don’t waste water.

Plant a tree

Reuse plastic bags

Turn the lights off

Don’t drop litter.

Recycle paper, glass, plastic, etc


2. Well done! Moving on, look at the following questionnaire and answer the questions orally (don´t copy anything). Let’s see how green you are! Don´t forget to ask members of your family the same questions to see if they are eco friendly, too. 

How Green Are You?

1) Do you recycle paper, glass and cans?

a. Yes, always

b. Sometimes

c. Never


2. When you go shopping, do you carry your own bag?

a. Yes, always

b. Sometimes

c. Never, I prefer to take plastic bag from the shop


3. How often do you use only one side of a sheet of paper?

a) Never

b) Sometimes

c) Often


4. Do you avoid throwing things away if they be re-used, repaired or recycled?

a) Yes, always

b) Sometimes

c) Not usually


5) Do you pick up other people´s litter?

a) Yes, always

b) Sometimes

c) Never


6) Do you turn off the lights when you leave a room?

a) Yes, always

b) Sometimes

I don´t usually think about it


7) Do you take short showers instead of having baths?

a) Yes, always

b) Most of the times

c) Not usually, I like having a bath


8) Do you walk or use your bike for short distances instead of going by car or using public transport?

a) Yes, always

b) Sometimes

c) Not usually


Now, check the results…

3. Now, get ready to read a text about David and his way to be eco friendly.


4. Get your binder and copy the following. Next class you will get the correct answers.


March 27th

How to be eco friendly

Answer true or false and correct the false sentences. 

A_David made a promise to be a good student._____

B_He decided to turn the tap off while washing his teeth._____

C_Then he had a deep bath.______

D_David refused to go to school by car._____

E_David accepted a straw with his drink because he didn't care about the environment.

F_ That day he turned all the electric lights off._____


Well, that´s all. 

Enjoy your weekend and take care of yourselves.

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