What can we do in different seasons?

Hello again! How are you doing? Are you ready for the English class? 

  1. Today we are going to start with the first Big Question! What can we do in different seasons? 
  2. Can you mention the 4 seasons?
  3. Think... 
  4.  Please, log in to Bright Ideas, watch the Big Question video in Unit 1and complete activity 1.  
  5. Listening time! Complete activity 2.  If you don't have the activity book at home, don't worry! You can write the answers in your binders.
     For example,
    1. Activity book p.6 ex. 1 (1 No; 2...;  3....;  4....,; 5....)
    2. Activity book p.6 ex. 2 (1-F; 2....; 3....; 4.....) 
  6. Once you finish, get your folder. ( or a piece of paper if you don´t have yours)
  7. Write the date.
  8. Copy these two questions and take your time to think about the answers. 
    1. Did you like the video? Why / Why not?
    2. What can we do in different seasons?
    3. Now copy this chart and write 3 different activities we can do in each season. 


You can ask your family about their favourite activities in each season smiley

We will keep on working on new vocabulary tomorrow!  

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