How many more activities can we do in summer?

Hello! We know you are looking forward to the weekend, just a few more exercises! Get ready!

  1. Let’s keep on working on Nancy’s blog. Can you name the activities she does in summer? Say them aloud!

  2. Great! Now look at the chart below. There are some words missing. Can you complete the spaces? Let’s get started!

Get your folder and copy this in a sheet of paper, after the activity we did yesterday.


April 3rd


Adverbs of frequency. Complete the spaces with the following adverbs: SOMETIMES - NEVER - ALWAYS


Answer these questions about Nancy. Remember to use the adverbs of frequency.

  1. How often does she go mountain biking?

  2. How often does she go hiking?

  3. How often does she have a barbecue?

  4. How often does she pick strawberries?

  5. How often does she play mini golf?

We are going to post the answers next week so that you can correct the activities yourself!


3. Let’s work on the Activity Book now. Open it at page 7 and complete exercises 1, 2 and 3.


4. Finally, read the following dialogue carefully. Can you find questions in the past? Which ones? Write them in the comments box!


That’s it for today! Enjoy your long weekend at home. We can do a lot of fun activities indoors. Spending time with your family is awesome! See you next week.

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