Hello there! How are you today? Let’s get down to work!cheeky

Today you will need your folder, your pencil case and access to the Bright Ideas campus.

1) Let’s check the activity you did yesterday! Get your binder and open it, please.

KEY - Choose the correct option.

2) Moving on, open your Activity Book at page 8 and complete exercises 1, 2 and 3.



  • In exercise 1 you have to listen to the audio file and number the pictures:
  • In exercise 2 you have to order the words to make questions. Then you have to answer them.



  • In exercise 3 you have to think and make questions. This chart will help with this activity:


3) Let’s think about all the activities we can do in Winter (when we are not in quarantine!). Write a list of all the activities you can do during winter in the comments box below (Don’t forget to write your name)!

4) Now let’s learn the following expressions. Can you read them out loud?


5) Now, copy and answer this questions in your binder:

April 7th

Adverbs of frequency and new expressions. Answer the following questions.

  1. How often do you do crafts?
  2. How often do you make soup at home?
  3. How often do you make a snowman?
  4. How often do you go sledging?

6) Unit 1: Watch the video about Winter Wonderland:


Think: How can people travel in the snow? Leave your answer in the comments box below with your name! Then, complete exercises 1, 2 and 3 (if you have access to the platform)

Did you like the story? Could you answer how people can travel in the snow? Great!

We will keep on working with the video about Winter Wonderland tomorrow!

Let’s call it day! You have done an amazing job. See you next time!wink

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  • Maia hace 6 meses
    Maia - Activities in Winter:
    -make soop
    -play in the snow
    -drink hot chocolate
  • Bianca hace 6 meses
    3) in winter i´m going to ice skating, i going to swim in a closed pool at the club and wear my favorite warm pijamas at firiend´s house
  • Giselle hace 6 meses
    Benja: the people can travel in the snow by sledging and sky
  • Felipe hace 6 meses
    The people can travel in a ski
  • Thiago hace 6 meses
    I am Thiago.

    In Winter...
    We can go to the cinema
    We can visit a Museum
    We can cook cakes.
    We can visit friends and familly.
    We can go camping and build a fire.

    How can people travel in the snow?
    Using skis, sleds, cars that have wheels with chains, walking with rackets.
  • Ignacio hace 6 meses
    They can go skiing and go sledging
  • Lucía hace 6 meses
  • Julia hace 6 meses
    1. Ice fishing
    2. Snowshoe
    3. Ice skating
    4. Sleddiing
    5. Snowmobile
    6. Dog sled

  • Tiziano hace 6 meses
    Tiziano: We can play football, make a snowman, go skiing, play with the play station and play table games.
    Video: People can travel in the snow with sledge and with skies.
    Yes, I liked de history because the children take the criminal.