Let´s get ready to work...

Hello everybody!

Welcome back!!!!wink

This is the last day of this week. Are you ready?

First, check your homework.

The activities that appear on the video are the following:

  • Go skiing
  • Make a snowman
  • Go sledging

Do you remember this story: Winter Wonderland?



Now, open your binder,  copy and complete the activities.

1_ Who says…?     Write Nancy or Oli.

A_I don´t think time travel will help us._______

B_ I think Night vision will be useful.________

C_ We will need some skis._______

D_ We will wait until it´s dark._______

E_ We will see better.______

F_ We won´t catch him._____


2_ Complete the missing parts.

A_ I think we will catch________________________.

B_ A sledge will go________________________.

C_ I think we will see________________________.

D_ The supersonic skis won´t _____________________.


That´s  all for today .smiley


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