What's your favourite season?


Hello everybody!

We hope you’ve had a nice weekend. This week we’re going to revise and finish Unit 1. Let’s start!

  1. Re-read or watch again

  2. Get your binder and copy this activity in the section classwork.


Title: Winter Wonderland. Write T (true) or F (false). Correct the false sentences:

  1. Oli thinks that night vision will be useful to catch a criminal. 

  2. A criminal destroyed children’s crafts.

  3. Oli and Celia will catch the criminal with the supersonic skis.

  4. The ski shop is closed. Dr. Zeevil escaped.

  5. Celia thinks that they won’t see him again.

We’ll check this activity in our zoom lessons.

3) Now, let’s watch the video and try to remember all the activities. What do they do in winter and summer? 

Write the answers in your binders (classwork section) We’ll check the answers in zoom.

For example,

In winter, they snowboard, …

In summer, they have a water fight, ...


That's all for now! See you! Take care.


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