Let's explore the Eden project website. You can discover many interesting things.

Hello children! we hope you’ve had a nice long weekend and enjoyed with your family.

Let’s get started.



Copy and complete the following activity in your binder.



Let's share Invisible Worlds exhibition video and watch some of the things you can do there.



Explore the Invisible Worlds exhibition link and copy the following activities in your binders. We’ll check the answers on zoom.

Write five highlights of the exhibition

  1. Click on Invisible Worlds: Ocean and discover why plankton is so special. Read the sentences and write T (true) or F (false)

a- Plankton is a diverse collection of mysterious plants, algae and animals.

b- Planktonic species are macroscopic in size.

c- Jellyfish is a type of plankton.

d-  Plankton produce 70 % of the oxygen in the atmosphere.

e- Plankton are the basis of the marine food. Fish, sea birds and marine mammals eat plankton.



Interview eight different people (members of your family and friends). Write their names. Copy the following chart in your binders.

Find someone who...
Find someone who..                                       NAMES / members of the family                        
1)...suggested doing something interesting last week.  
2)...likes cooking.  
3)...dislikes tidying up his/her room.  
4)...fancies going to parties.  
5)...stops playing sports.  
6)...enjoys watching films in family.  
7)...imagines being in London.  
8)...will carry on studying English all his/her life.  



You will have to write sentences about you and the members of your family. We’ll share the answers on our zoom class. 

  1. I dislike…

  2. Right now, my mother fancies…

  3. My father will carry on…

  4. I can imagine…

  5. I think I’ll stop…

  6. My sister /friend/ brother suggests…

  7. I like...


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