We write about our favourite pizza and we make truffles together!

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No online meeting today, but let’s go on learning! 


Take your green copybook. Copy and do this activity: 


Today is Tuesday, August 18th 

It’s … (Sunny? Cloudy? Rainy? Hot? Cold?) 


              My favourite pizza


Draw your favourite pizza and write the ingredients. 


Look! Here you can see our favourite pizzas as an example.



Then, you can play making virtual pizzas!! CLICK HERE!




After our online meeting:

Take your Activity Book and go to page 40. Please, do activity 2.


Now go to our platform https://brightideas.oxfordonlinepractice.com/app/ and do these activities:  

-Unit 4, Grammar 1, activity 1 (Look, read and choose)  

-Unit 4, Grammar 1, activity 2 (Read and complete)  



After our online meeting:


Do you remember the drawing about your favourite pizza? (Activity on Tuesday). Now let’s write a DESCRIPTION about it. First, look at our examples!