Todos podemos tener diferentes opiniones y ¿saben que? ¡Todas pueden estar bien!




Take your Activity Book and go to page 56. Do activities 1 and 2, please.  






Look at this picture carefully and play the game!!









Watch the video about the story we read today in our online meeting:



Now, take your green copybook. Copy and do these activities: 


Today is Thursday, October 15th

It is (Sunny? Cloudy? Rainy? Hot? Warm? Cold?) 


                 Cultural Diversity


1) Watch the video and decide if the sentences are TRUE or FALSE


2) Art time!! Draw your favourite part of the story!!


You will show this drawing on Zoom tomorrow (October 16th)!!

(¡¡Este dibujo se mostrará en Zoom mañana!!)






Go to our virtual platform and play these games!


Unit 5 / The Big Question Review / Activity 1 (Rearrange the words to make sentences and questions) 

Unit 5 / The Big Question Review / Activity 2 (Listen and choose) 

Unit 5 / The Big Question Review / Activity 3 (Look and match)















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