How to write an e-mail 💻

Hey, everybody! Here's a guide to help you with your homework! 😄 CLICK 🖱️ on the picture or use the ➡️ arrow on your keyboard ⌨️ to see all the slides of the presentation.

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Frindle chapters 7&8

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Simple Past & Present Perfect - verbs

Check this file in case you are in doubt! Good luck!

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5°A - snapshots 📸

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Numbers from 1 to 100

Hey, everybody! Here are some activities for you to practise!

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Our stories 💡📚

Here you can find all the stories that you wrote! They are amazing! Well done, kids!

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Look it up in the dictionary

If you don't know the meaning of a word... If you are wondering how you write a word... Use a dictionary! Here you will find a link to a dictionary, but there are lots of them! (click on the picture to access it)

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Welcome Year 5 students!

Let's enjoy this year together!

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