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Hey you all! Here I leave some pictures of our zoom meetings. KEEP IT UP!

Rounding off unit 3 - August 3rd to August 7th

This week, we are going to: 📌Break the ice after winter break 📌Finish working with unit 3 [+]

What did we learn last week? - July 13th to July 17th

This week, we are going to: 📌Learn and practise the past simple tense. [+]

Let's keep on learning about schools! - July 6th to July 8th

This week we are going to: 📌Practise Listening 📌Practise Speaking 📌Continue reading DWK [+]

Study skills: - June 29th to July 3rd

Welcome back! This week we are going to: 📌Build up our vocabulary (school/classroom objects + collocations) 📌Read different texts to find learning tips 📌 Reflect upon study skills. [+]

School and Education - June 22th to June 26th

Hi, there! Welcome to another weekly lesson. This week you are going to: 📌Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid - part 10 📌 Exchange information about school subjects. [+]

Rounding off! - June 16th to June 19th

This week we are going to  📌Revise what we learned in units 0, 1 and 2  📌Keep reading  Diary of a Wimpy Kid 📌Watch a Ted Talk. [+]

More technology, more practice - June 8th to June 12th

Welcome back! This week we are going to: 📌Work on the vloggers project 📌Practise on the platform [+]

What do you usually do? What are you doing now? - June 1st to June 5th

Welcome back! This week we are going to: 📌Go over the use of simple present and present continuous 📌Start paving the way for our end - of - unit project. [+]

Stay online - May 26th to 28th

Another weekly activity for you! This week we are going to reinforce the vocabulary from technology and the present simple structure through listening and speaking. Are you ready??​​​​​ [+]

Online habits - May 18th to 22nd

Hi kids! Welcome to a new week of online lessons. This week we are going to reflect upon our online habits and we will revise and reinforce the use of the present simple 🤓. Ready? [+]

Unit 2 - Are you online? (May 11th - 15th)

Hi! Here you'll find the activities for this week! [+]

Focus on Writing! (May 4th - 8th)

Hi, there! Welcome to a new week of online lessons! [+]

Writing + Online practice + Presentations! (April, 27th - 30th)

Hi, kids! How are you doing? Are you ready to continue working? [+]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (April, 24th)

Hi, there! How are you today??? [+]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - (April, 23rd)

Let's continue working on our online lessons!! [+]

Aussie Kids (April, 21st)

Hello, kids! Let's keep on practising reading! [+]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - part 1 (April, 20th)

Hello, children! Welcome back. We hope you could enjoy the weekend. [+]

He loves going camping, (April, 17th)

Hello, children! Welcome back to our online lessons! [+]

Grammar Practice: Follow up activity - online workbook (April, 14th)

Unit 1 - Grammar practice Download the file if you do not have the book. [+]

Describing routines, April, 7th

Hello, everyone! Welcome to this online lesson. Let’s keep on talking about free time activities. [+]

My time. Unit 1 + Reading - online practice (April 6th)

Let’s continue practising our reading skills! [+]

What are you into? April, 3rd

Hello, there! Let’s continue working with our books! (: [+]

Gold Experience - online practice (April 2nd)

Today we will complete some online activities. [+]

Listening activity. Free time activities, (April, 1st)

Hello kids! Hope everything is alright! Today we will do a listening comprehension activity and you will write sentences about the activities you do in your free time . You will need your folder/binder or a piece of paper to take down notes. [+]

Short story - Emergency Landing - 26th, March

Emergency Landing - Part 2 Let´s start with a game today! Click on the words and then on the different parts of the plane. [+]

Emergency Landing - 25th March

Emergency Landing - Part 1 [+]

Gold experience: STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL

Good morning families! We hope you are all doing well. Here we attach 4 different videos for you to register, sign in, add a product, and join a lesson in the Pearson webpage so that we can start working with the book Gold Experience. Please note that if you press the little circle on the top left you can select the language. So, if you feel more confident doing the procedure in Spanish, please go ahead! [+]

LA Skaters - Reading Activity (March, 19th)

Hi! Welcome to our 3rd online lesson! Today we are going to learn about skateboarding! First look at the picture and describe it orally. What can you see? What's the weather like? Where is the girl? Why is she there? What is she doing? How is she feeling? [+]

Tyrone - follow up activity (March, 18th)

Hi, everyone! Let's continue working with Tyrone's listening activity! [+]

Free Time ( March, 17th)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our online lessons! As you know, we will be working in the campus because we have to stay home to stay safe. The topic for this week is going to be FREE TIME ACTIVITIES Hope you enjoy the activities we prepared. [+]