The topics for the English assessment are: 

Use of English:

  • Adverbs of frequency: always, usually, sometimes, rarely, never (unit 3)

  • Simple Present: Questions (How often do you…?) and affirmative ( Ex:I always/never/always…go to the park on Mondays) (unit 3)

  • Comparative adjectives -er ending: Light,heavy, light, dark, slow, fast, short, tall, long, big, small, young, old, good (better), bad (worse). (unit 5)

  • Superlatives- est ending: Brave, kind, strong, clever, fit, funny, good (best), bad (worst)



  • Activities you do at the beach: play volleyball, collect shells, play Frisbee, make sandcastles, buy an ice-cream, make a picnic, take photos, go for a walk, fly a kite, explore a rock pool. (Unit 5)


Listening and Reading comprehension


You can find this material in your English copybooks, Bright Ideas platform and books and on campus.

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