Dracula and his Family

We've kept on reading "Dracula and his Family" and the kids acted out the story in groups. Have a look! [+]


We received the letters from our friends from other schools! We had lots of fun discovering interesting things about other children and we started writing our answers to their letters. Have a look! [+]

Let's talk about food!

3rd form students started talking and writing about their favourite food and restaurants. Have a look! [+]

What's fun about food?

We started thinking about Big Question #4 and gave our own answers! [+]

Our Classroom Library

We had a look at the books in our classroom library. We love reading! [+]

"We make friends at school"

We worked on a unit about friendship and the kids wrote a paragraph about their friends! [+]

Sounds and Music!

We started working with Sounds and Music and we learned a new song: Count on me, by Bruno Mars. We invite you to watch some pictures of our practice in class! [+]

Oral practice!

Study 4 lines from the song to say them in class! [+]


Study the sentences [+]

Let's go to the restaurant!

Watch this video and pay attention to the conversation. Can you order something at the restaurant now? [+]