Agustina F, Valentino D, Kiara N [+]

Lack of saving

Wilfredo S y Julen B [+]


Iara S. Lucila B. Iván S. Bruno P. [+]


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Lucila P, Sabrina L., Juana K., Mora N. [+]

Ready to integrate what we have seen in a project?


  • Watch the following video to learn about personal finance. Write down the statements or ideas you feel identified with,

1- How do you set your financial goals? What should be considered?

2- How can anyone become financially literate?

3- What should be appraised before purchasing?

4- “Anything is better than nothing”  states the author when she refers to “Emergency Fund” ; can you enlarge her idea and explain why she says so?

  • Pick one of the following common financial problems and with your group think of ways to tackle them. Then display your brainstorm on a CANVAS or PADDLET


The most common financial problems people may face:

Lack of income/job loss

Unexpected expenses

Too much debt


Need to buy really expensive items (home/car)

Lack of savings