Here's the answer key to your workbook. [+]


Here's the list of phrasal verbs you will need to know for the exam. [+]


Practise past tenses with these online exercises.

Before you do these exercises, revise the grammar rules in the book.

You'll find the exercises here and here.


Revising can also be fun!!

Linking words


Opposite nouns

Rephrasing  (Play in pairs)

Watch a presentation which will help you with modal verbs. 

Watch a presentation which will help you with relative clauses.

Practise Parts 1,2,3 and 4 of the Listening Paper

Listen and do the four parts of this Listening Practice Test. Then check. 

Click here to do Parts 1 and 2

Click here to do Parts 3 and 4

Let's revise modals.

Read about modals in the st's book p. 156 and then do exercises 1 and 2 on p. 157.

Time to keep practising and have fun! Click and play kahoot here


KWT and Word building reloaded!

Revise KWT and Word building thoroughly.

Download the attached document to access your practice. 

Do practice for the different parts of the exam
Do practice for PAPER 2 WRITING
Practise for SPEAKING PART 5

Have you been thinking about how your life will change soon?

You are about to finish secondary school. What are your expectations and hopes for next year? Look back on your school days and remember memorable moments that will always be treasured.

Write about it and upload photos to illustrate. Use the padlet here

Let's discuss friendship and have fun doing this project!


What qualities do you look for a friend?

You must have made loads of friends throughout your school life. Think of the qualities that you value the most in your friends and create a Voki here

Use the vocabulary on p.109 in your st's book to help you.