Spelling rules

  • If a verb ends in -e, you add -d.

agree  agreed

  • If a verb ends in a vowel and a consonant, the consonant is usually doubled before -ed.

stop  stopped

  • If a verb ends in consonant and -y, you take off the y and add -ied.

try  tried

  • But if the word ends in a vowel and -y, you add -ed.

play  played



There are three kinds of pronunciation: /d/, /t/ and /ɪd/. Look at the table below.

       /d/                          /t/                          /ɪd/               
arrived asked wanted
failed crossed decided
agreed stopped started
listened liked added
borrowed talked selected
studied walked visited
travelled  brushed waited

/d/ is easier to say after arrive

/t/ is easier to say after ask.

For /ɪd/, the infinitive ends in a /d/ or a /t/ sound already, so you must add an extra syllable for these verbs.


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